Medit Partners

Lila is superb in helping stakeholders navigate complex HR issues. I had the pleasure of working with Lila for two years where she helped me on multiple HR items. No matter how tense a meeting, Lila made sure everything was resolved with minimal conflict.  

Mid Europa Partners

Lila is a poised and experienced HR professional with a well developed leadership toolkit and the ability to relate effectively with employees at all levels. She brings her high integrity approach to all aspects of her work and is a difference maker.

Galiant Partners

As a rapidly expanding firm, we wanted to implement the right HR structure from the start that would accommodate future growth and organizational development. I could always rely on Lila to deliver high quality work with a real sense of efficiency, professional commitment and dedication. She was a pleasure to work with and a proper value add for our business. Lila utilised international best practices with expert business knowledge and a pragmatic approach which we believe would be a benefit to any organization or company. I am happy to recommend Lila’s services as both an HR professional and executive coach.

University of Iowa

On several occasions I have invited Lila Boyce to serve as a guest lecturer for a management course for upper-level U.S. undergraduate students on a study abroad program. Lila is an engaging presenter and draws on a wealth of professional experience in varied organizations. Students offered very positive comments regarding Lila’s lecture and about the insights that she shared… 

Team GB

As an athlete, it’s very important to have the mental strength and self-confidence required to get through the long hours of training required and overcome countless challenges. I used a combination of mental tools such as self-affirmation, race visualization and internal focus during my time as an elite athlete. Through discussions and helpful exercises, Lila supported me in building and strengthening a foundation of mental resilience that helped me achieve my world-leading status in professional rowing.

Bank of England

Lila is an exceptionally talented professional and a rare talent. Her sound advisory skills, high emotional intelligence, coupled with deep commercial insight have been invaluable in helping to shape strategic and commercial decisions.