Who We Are

About Four Pass

Four Pass is a boutique HR consultancy and executive coaching firm. We help companies and individuals strengthen their capabilities and optimise the human element of business.

At Four Pass, we believe in building a healthier and more sustainable future for organisations and leaders.

Working to the individual objectives of each client, we construct bespoke solutions that combine strategic thinking, industry best practices, data insights, and research advancements.

What’s in a name?

The Founder chose the name to reference her global citizenship given her four passports as well as her philosophy that every leadership decision is a crossroads through difficult terrain. There is not always one passage to a destination and the key is being able to determine which one is the best option in each circumstance.

The vision of Four Pass is to empower every client to navigate their best path forward.

Our Founder

Four Pass Founder Lila

Lila is an accomplished senior HR consultant and executive coach with over two decades of experience working with clients across all levels from graduates to top-level executives and Olympic level athletes. She has worked with companies and teams in every major geographic region (APAC, EMEA, and the Americas) and a variety of sectors such as government, financial services, technology, media, sports, and luxury retail.

The breadth of her experience has allowed Lila to cultivate a deep understanding of developing teams and individuals in a myriad of fast-paced and dynamic environments. She has provided organizational consulting, leadership training and coaching to leading multinational brands including Deloitte, Barclays, Burberry, Paypal, and Goldman Sachs.

Lila provides tailored advice to organizations of all sizes, from startups to Fortune 50 companies, with the ability to problem solve and adapt to the most complex stakeholder frameworks and special situations.

Lila's background in Intelligence and crisis management complements her foundation in organizational psychology to bring a unique perspective and skillset to all her assignments including her most recent roles as Chief People Officer for several "scale-up" stage tech and financial services companies. Alongside her full-service senior HR consulting and breakthrough coaching offerings, she has also helped perform HR related due diligence for investors and is a certified Macedonian translator.

Lila holds degrees in both Psychology and International & Intercultural Communication from Western Sydney University. She is based in London and enjoys jazz music, the theatre and salsa dancing.

Empowering Decision Making